Luxury Meets Innovation With the Lincoln Navigator

Here at Lincoln of LaPorte, the Lincoln Navigator is a sought-after full-size SUV. What makes this model so desired among our customers? The Lincoln Navigator is well-equipped with innovative features, such as driver assist and media technologies that offer a number of perks. Here are a few of the Lincoln Navigator's technology features.

The Lincoln Navigator offers the Revel Ultima Audio Sound System. This sound system comes with 20 speakers that are strategically-placed to give you a remarkable listening experience. You can also choose between three listening modes, which include Stereo, Onstage, and Audience, for exceptional sound quality.

Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go capability provides you with additional security by monitoring the road ahead for upcoming traffic. This system can automatically slow the Lincoln Navigator based on the traffic ahead. Once the traffic has cleared, it will automatically resume the preset speed. Stop-in-go has the ability to bring the Lincoln Navigator to a complete stop in traffic and can restart the SUV when traffic starts to move.



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