Tech Specs in the Lincoln Nautilus Make it Safer Than Ever

The new tech specs in the Lincoln Nautilus change the game for drivers. What we are seeing at Lincoln of LaPorte is a long list of features that make drivers feel safer and more in control despite the car doing all the work. One of the best new tech specs in the new vehicle is the adaptive cruise control’s new stop and go lane centering.

Not only can you adjust cruise control to work with your needs, you can also count on your car to also work with you to keep your cruise going in questionable traffic patterns. The single best part, however, is that your new Nautilus uses lane-centering technology to ensure you’re where you need to be in your own lane without your assistance.

If you’re looking for a car that’s safe and reliable, you’ve found it. The new Nautilus uses technology to keep you safer on the road. Everyone else who drives this car is also providing you with a safer commute.



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