Safety in the Lincoln Nautilus

The Lincoln Nautilus is a smart vehicle that works to keep you safe on the road. This new luxury crossover comes standard with a suite of active safety features. One of those features can help you avoid a potential frontal collision. We here at Lincoln of LaPorte are excited to show you how these features can change the way you approach road safety.

The Automatic Emergency Braking system uses a frontward-facing camera to keep an eye out on the road ahead. It also uses powerful sensors to detect possible hazards in your path. If a potential collision is imminent, the Nautilus will alert you. Inside the cabin, you'll hear an audible alert and see a message on the digital instrument cluster.

If you don't respond to the alerts, the Nautilus may take action for you. It may apply braking power to avoid an accident. The system can help you stay alert in any environment.



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