Empower Yourself by Testing Your Car's Battery

Testing your vehicle's battery is an easy procedure that can be performed with a voltmeter. The first step is to set the voltmeter to measure volts and make sure the vehicle is turned off.

Testing the Battery Voltage

Set the voltmeter to measure volts; remember that the red colored test lead is positive and the black colored test lead is negative. Touch the positive test lead to the positive terminal first, and then touch the negative test lead to the negative terminal. This will tell you how many volts the battery is putting out.

When Should I Replace My Battery?

?If your battery measures 12.4 volts or more and continually holds a charge then you probably don't need a new battery. If it measures less than 12.4 volts and doesn't hold a charge then it's probably time to buy a new battery from Lincoln of LaPorte.


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