Advanced Driving Technology in the Lincoln Nautilus

These days, vehicles need high-tech equipment to keep you safe. Luckily, the Lincoln Nautilus has you covered. This new luxury crossover is available at Lincoln of LaPorte with a collection of built-in cameras and sensors. The equipment works to make two unique features possible.

The first is Adaptive Cruise Control. While many drivers in La Porte have used a traditional cruise control system, this high-tech version takes things a bit further. It will monitor the flow of traffic to adjust your speed accordingly. It's even capable of coming to a full stop during a traffic jam. Furthermore, the system offers steering support. It can keep the crossover in the center of your lane as you travel.

The second feature is Automatic Emergency Braking. The cameras and sensors look out for potential obstacles in the road. The Lincoln Nautilus will let you know of trouble ahead with visual and audible alerts. It also has the power to apply the brakes automatically to avoid a collision.



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