Lincoln MKZ Technology Features

Listening to music should be an experience regardless of where you hear your tunes. Such is the reason why Lincoln has partnered with Revel to bring a pristine sound system to 2018 Lincoln MKZ owners.

QuantumLogic Surround Sound technology turns your car into its own private concert hall. You also have the option of enjoying various listening modes so that the experience is different every time.

Lincoln MKZ owners will especially love the improved sound quality thanks to a collaboration with Revel. Your music will come through the speakers in a way that truly speaks to the soul of things. Revel and Lincoln want to make sure that you hear tunes as they were meant to be enjoyed, which is why clarity is of the essence.

There is occupying your morning with your favorite tunes, and then there is having a genuine musical experience. Stop by Lincoln of LaPorte to test drive the 2018 Lincoln MKZ.



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